Ultramarathon "Impossible run"

This year, November 10th, the third "Impossible run" will take place - the ultramarathon dedicated to the centenary of the Latvian state and the centenary of the Latvian Provisional National Council.

The "Impossible run" was organized in honour of the creation of the Latvian Provisional National Council in Valka in 1917. Each kilometre of distance symbolizes the year since the creation of the Latvian Provisional National Council, therefore 101 km after 101 years after the foundation of Latvia, a distance of 101 km is offered.

In addition to the above-mentioned 101 km distances, there will be offered: 50.5 km, 25.25 km distance and as well as symbolic walking distance 1010 m.


The total money prize fund for this event is 2,700 EUR, and the absolute winners of both women's and men's competitions in 101km distances receive a cash prize of 500 EUR. More information about the prizes can be found in the regulation of the race.


Last year winners:


100 km men 

1. Pēteris Grīviņš LAT 7:32:43

2. Dmitrijs Ničipors LAT 7:41:36

3. Uldis Kļaviņš LAT 8:14:23


100 km women 

1. Sandra Brāle LAT 9:45:33

2. Sigita Vāce LAT 9:58:35

3. Tatiana Sviridova RUS 10:13:08


The impossible run is organized and lead by the Valkas municipality with the help of Valgas city council and union “Atbalst Valkai”. 



List of participants



For more information feel free to contact us:

Māris Koops, +371 29424580, sports@valka.lv

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