The Smiltene district was established on July 1, 2009, after the administrative territorial reform in the Republic of Latvia. The district amalgamated the town Smiltene and 8 surrounding rural parishes (Smiltene, Blome, Branti, Bilska, Launkalne, Variņi, Palsmane and Grundzāle). The total area of the Smiltene district is 946.1 km2. The population – 14531 (on February 1, 2010), the density of population – 15. 3 inhabitants/km2. It borders on the districts of Strenči, Valka, Ape, Gulbene, Rauna and Beverīna.
You can come from every direction you want, but you will always come to the centre, the heart of Smiltene district, town Smiltene. This town is road builders’ town, youth town, green town, the town of three hills and it can also call in many different ways... This is a place which is surrounded by spruce and pine forests. Here are a lot of gardens, parks, lakes and of course the rapid river – Abuls.

Town Smiltene and the Smiltene district is a place where eyes and hearts can feel and sense the greatness of nature. It is a place where you can feel the true Latvian spirit and hospitality. This is a place where you can recover your strengths, relax, and get new and pleasant emotions. 


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