Valmiera  is the largest city of the historical Vidzeme region, Latvia. It  It is the center of the Valmiera District. It borders on the districts of Burtnieki, Beverīna and Kocēni. Valmiera is an unique city due to fact,that Valmiera main ‘street’ is the River Gauja that divides the city in two. 


The city motto is “Think and create”. Valmiera is an economically developing city. All the time it is trying to balance it`s industrial developement while saving it`s natural environment. As the strongest business centre in Vidzeme district, Valmiera attracts not only the biggest investments, but also produces products that are well known domestically and abroad.


Valmiera, the northern gateway to Gauja National Park, delights visitors with its beautiful nature and its cultural and historic monuments, along with hosting interesting cultural and sporting events, and providing breathtaking stories and legends. 


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Valmiera St.Simon's church. Foto:


Valmiera drama theatre. Photo:


Dzirnavu lake. Photo: