Currently, municipality combines city Rūjiena, Ipiķi parish, Lodes parish, Jeri parish and Vilpulka parish. Municipality administrative center is Rūjiena, and it is bordered by Estonia and Naukšēni, Burtnieki and Mazsalaca municipalities.


In Latvia, Rūjiena is known for its delicious and multi-flavoured ice cream. We’re often called the ice-cream capital. We think of ourselves more as an art-loving town. Several nationally and internationally known artists were born in Rūjiena. We have several artist studios, an art school, and the town is decorated with many pieces of art.


More information: http://www.rujiena.lv/


Rūjiena dairy. Photo: http://www.latvia.travel/lv/


Mounument "Tālavas taurētājs". Photo: http://www.atputasbazes.lv/


Valdemāra streets bridge. Photo:http://www.panoramio.com/photo/83481660