International Musical “Gipsy Baron” – also in Valka!

The legendary Gypsy Baron with his musical Gipsy Baron” is coming to visit us! You will be able to watch the Musical in Valka Culture house on 13th of March at 17:00.


This concert won a Grand Prix as the most exciting and the most imposing concert during their participation in the international “Hesselby Slott” music festival in Sweden in summer of 2013.


The musical performances will be performed by the Eastern European gypsy music's twelve greatest performing artists from Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Sweden. Among these great artists are also our beloved musician, composer and violinist Kaspars Pudniks, who gained most of his reputation and visibility during the participation in the show “Singing Families” with Ričs family.


“Folklore of different nations and different genres of music will be featured in Gypsy, Spanish, English, Latvian, Russian and other languages, starting from romances till Balkan rhythms, folk music and rock. However, everything will be united by the famous Strauss operetta “Gypsy Baron” story, wrapped in a magnificent choreography. Of course, without the fiery and passionate gypsy dance it isn’t impossible,” says Kaspars.


The viewers of the Musical will have the opportunity one evening to be in a gorgeous, with sharp rhythms and fiery dances filled, with popular gypsy songs sounding event, where everyone will be able to actively involve.


They carry along special stage decorations, technical equipment, sound equipment, special stage lighting equipment, various details and 48 gorgeous costume sets.


Among the performers will be stars like Ishtvan Kvik (Lithuania) Rozze (Sweden), Aljona Mihai (Russia), gypsy princess of dancing Anhela Koldarous (Germany), gypsy guitar virtuoso Arturo Sabilas (Lithuania), Kaspars Pudniks (Latvia) and others.


Musical for whole family – “Gypsy Baron”. You can’t describe it! You must see it, hear it and feel it!


Tickets will cost 8; 10 and 12 euros. They are already available at   www.bilesuparadize.lv

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