Vidzeme. Cultural tourism map

Vidzeme is one of Latvia’s cultural and historical regions.  It is in the Northeast of the country and has a border with Estonia.  The beauty of Vidzeme relates not just to the wonders of the local environment, but also to the diversity of the region’s cultural heritage.  Vidzeme is continuing to put together its cultural history.  We can see it with our eyes, perceive it through sounds, and feel it through tastes.  This map offers a look at just a small part of the cultural heritage of Vidzeme to the traveller.  Many of the destinations are well known – cities and their historical centres, Medieval castles, churches, estates and museums.  Others are new or less familiar.  We hope that everyone will find a new and unique jewel of culture in Vidzeme.


Download the map in pdf format here! ( ~10 MB)


Map published by: Vidzeme Tourism Association, 2013

Design: Anda Nordena, SIA Autos

Content: Vidzeme TIC, Iveta Druva-Druvaskalne, Anna Kupče

Photos: Archives of Vidzeme TIC, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

English translation: Kārlis Streips


Paperback map available in Vidzeme tourism information centres!

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