Recreation place “Rozītes”


“Rozītes” contacts
Address Telephone Coordinates
“Mežrozītes”, Zvārtavas parish,
Valkas municipality, LV-4735
+371 20237377 Matīss


e-mail: smatiss[uz]inbox[punkts]lv

Lat: 57.5757929,
Lon: 26.3341973

Resting place on the left bank of the river Gauja, halfway between Virešu and Aņņu bridge (Gaujiena-Valka, P23), there are dining table, campfire place, tent place, toilet.

It is possible to rent 6 canoes boats, also they offer bike routs.


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006563957564
Location on the map: here 



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