Military bunkers

The military bunkers are odd-looking hummocks in Valka’s urban environment. They were built in 1970`s as strategic missile control centre for the Soviet Army, to relay messages in case of military threat . Only duty officers were on guard in the facilities and telephone switching station extending two storeys underground.  The entire area was surrounded by barbed wire and high –voltage electrified fence. There were two entrances, both equipped with metal doors.


Next to the bunkers was school. When it burned-out the Soviet army rent it. Results in it, in the center of Valka were military center.


In the building , where now is shop  „Latvijas preces” in past was the place of pass point, where checked every one, who wanted to go in the territory of army.


In the center of communication, which was in bunkers can’t got in even first secretary of Latvia.


Bunkers hadn`t have use for several years. They are smashed up.


In the Project of „IAVV–Increasing the Attractiveness of Valga–Valka”are make up the technical Project-Valkas military bunkers like exciting object for tourists- photo, cinema and music club.



Location: Tālavas street 23, Valka.

GPS 57o46'32" 26o0'58".
The building as a tourist site can only be viewed from the outside!
Location on the map: here

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