Memorial stone to those who were killed in the war of independence in 1919

In 1919th the Latvian War of Liberation of the fallen Valmiera infantry soldiers Warrior cemetery. In 1922, october 1 the momunet was unveil. This is the first biggest artistic made monument in province of Latvia, which is build for memory to First World War and fights for freedom warriors, who fall down in battles. In 1925, it became an official monument to Valmieras 4 regiment warriors, which was fall down in fights.


Sculptor Emils Melders- Millers’ (1889-1979) monumental work is titled „Warrior of ancient Latvia”.  Monument is made of donation. Idea- Ancient warrior on the shield is like guard of honour to hero churchyard. People call it „Millers God” This is the only one Cubist monument of Latvia.


The momunet was dismount in time of Stalin, in the beginning in 50th by time of USSR and it was buried near of establishment place – on the opposite site of street. In 1988, October 10 Latvian People’s front activists from Valkas district “Lautehnika” and Local history museum found and dag sculpture. After restauration the momument and Cemetery of Warrior were unveiled in 1990, November 11. A part of damaged face was not reconstructed, it is a symbol for every time that vandalism and disrespect to commemorative people are not allowed.


Location: Varoņu street, Valka.

GPS 57o46’54’’ 26o0’15’’
Location on the map: here

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