Cemetery for German soldiers

The Second World War Cemetery for German soldiers. In this war in Latvia dead about 90 000 German soldiers, together in Latvia buried German soldiers are in more than 6000 places, where some of them are looking for and mortal remains move to these cemeteries.


In Latvian woods from 1941 till 1944 were buried 367 soldiers of German army. These cemeteries are in three different squares.


People’s Nation of German cemetery care (Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V.) support German’s army soldiers cemetery was landscaped, made memorial with main cross and memorial plates in which are written name of concrete people who are in this cemetery. Renovation made of Project of architects B. Bērziņa and D. Bērziņs. Cemetery was consecrated in 1998, September 19.



Location: Varoņu street

GPS 57o46'54" 26o0'15"
Location on the map: here

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