The Monument to Jānis Cimze and churchyard

Initially, churchyard Jāņa Cimzes were set like Lugažu Evangelical Lutheran parish churchyard. In the 1881, when he died, he take a rest in this churchyard. Because of it- churchyard were called in his name.


For the money which devotes his students and fans in the 1887, the monument for him were made and mounted in a place where he take a rest. The text on the monument signify, that it, to their teachers teacher devote the grateful Vidzeme.


The monument is made from Swedish granite. In 100th Birthday Jānis Cimze, to his monument added relief of portrait. Chapel of Šrādera, which is in churchyard, is one of the oldest building in Valka. In backyard also are two monuments of country meaning (two fences) Treifeldu and Lindenbaumu churchyard places.


In Cimzes backyard also are   inhumed 60 german  soldiers,  which are fallen at first world war in 1918 (on the main monument are written 46 soldiers, on the grave slabs are 60). Military Cemetery landscaped in the 20th century in 20th – 30th, the central monument installed in the 1930 and 7 concrete slab graves. In this churchyards also are inhumed many others great historical personality, like  Hanss Einers and Ādams Tērauds and many others in society impresive people.  Currently, this churchyard are partly closed, that is why, now here inhumed only family and relatives.


Location: Gaujas street, Valka.

GPS 57o46'12" 26o1'12"
Location on the map: here

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