Impossible run 2017

For the second year running Valka and Valga are organizing Impossible run in the honor of Latvian Provisional National Council which on the 29th of November, 1917 proclaimed resolution which later lead to independent Latvia.


This run will take place on the 19th of November. This historical event took part 100 years ago, so every kilometer in the race symbolizes one year from this historical event.


Besides the 100km track there will be also 50km and 25km tracks anviable for the participants. Once the mayors of the cities Valka/Valga will reveal the honor plate for Latvian Provisional National Council there will be also a thousand meter race from Valgas rathaus to Valkas culture house for the families and children.


The start and finish of the race will be located near the Valkas culture house. The track will be marked and safe, there will be also referees, police and medical team on the track. The track itself is a 25km lap, the ones running 100km will have to run 4 laps, 50km – 2 laps and 25km - one single lap.


I would like to inform you that the money prize pool is 2700 EUR, the winners of the 100km both in men and woman categories will receive 500 EUR each. More information about the prizes can be found in the regulation of the race.


Impossible run is organized and lead by the Valkas municipality with the help of Valgas city council and union “Atbalst Valkai”


The registration is open from 17th of February and can be found following this link (http://valka.lv/lv/valkas-novads-1/sports-1/registracija-sacensibam)


Information prepared by Head of Youth and Sports unit

Raivis Graņics

For more information feel free to contact us: raivis[punkts]granics[uz]valka[punkts]lv; +371 25771165


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