Map of cycling routes Northern Latvia

Vidzeme seaside stands out with picturesque landscapes and a large variety of nature objects. There are high sand dunes and sandstone cliffs, as well as a stony beach and the peculiar randu or seaside meadows. You will cross several unique nature territories – Seaside Nature Park, Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve, the most beautiful rivers in Latvia and districts with their own unique cultural heritage.


Latvia is an excellent starting point for cycling tours to Estonia and Lithuania. From Sigulda to Allažmuiža the Latvian route No 7 is connected with the Tour de LatEst route. Here you can choose, whether to continue the road to Lithuania or take the 1296 km long marked road to Estonia.


Daugava Cycling Route starts along the right bank of the Daugava River from Ikšķile, Ogre and Ķegums and goes all the way to Lithuania. In Ilūkste, before Daugavpils, take the direction towards Subate and Rokiškis (Lithuania).


The map has been published thank to CentralBalticCycling project.


You can download the map in pdf format here!


Other languages available: Latvian German Russian Dutch Estonian Swedish Finnish


Paperback versions are available in Vidzeme tourism information centres, as well as distributed in local and international tourism fairs.


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