Bride's stone

Legend says: Ancient times Estonians came to Latvia to pillage. Those soldiers` wifes accompany them and stayed near Pedeles river to wait for their coming back. Wifes wait for a long time, but husbands didn’t come, so they went into the river, because of deep sorrow. Only one promised to wait all life. A wife sit and cried till her soul and body became a stone which is in that place where sit that wife. A wife cried so much that developed small brooklet, which starts from a foot of stone. People tell that every midnight wifes are coming out of river and cried about their husbands who didn’t come home.


Location: Zāģezera street 1. It is located next to lake Zāģezers.

GPS 57o47'36'' 25o58'53''
Location on the map: here

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