Latvian - Estonian national boundary

Welcome to Valka – city, where starts Latvia!


Welcome to Valga – city, where starts Estonia!


Welcome to Valka municipality –Latvian Nothern gates!


Welcome to Valga municipality –Estonian Southern gates!


Valka and Valga is place which offers unique chance to be in town centre and at the same time in two states – with one leg standing in Latvia, with other in Estonia. In one hand holding „Saldējums”(ice-cream), in other hand – “jäätis”(ice-cream). Take a „selfie” right on the border with traffic signs „Here starts Latvia” and „Here starts Estonia”. Watch, where do ice-cream melts faster – at North of Latvia or at South of Estonia. Listen, do frogs of Varžupīte(Frog river) croacking in latvian or estonian language.


Valka town was divided in 1920. at 1st of July, when border was set between new independent states Latvia and Estonia. Border between the new independent states – Latvia and Estonia was set on 1st July of year 1920. As the International Commission members (English, Latvian, Estonian ) couldn’t decide about location of border, the final decision was made by the chairman of the English colony S.G. Tallents. The main part of the city was given to Estonia, but the suburban part to Latvia. Varžupīte(Frog river)  that separated the Latvian Valka from Estonian Valga, was located in the heart of both border towns in years 1920-1940 and today as well.


On 21st December year 2007, when Latvia and Estonia joined the Schengen visa-free travel zone, Riga and Raja Street border post officially was opened by the President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves and the prezident of Latvia Valdis Zatlers.


Welcome to crossroads of Latvia and Estonia in Valka-Valga: one city in two states.


Location: Rīgas street 1, Valka.

GPS 57o46'43" 26o1'36"
Location on the map: here

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