Ērģemes ruins

In nowadays we can still visit very impressive in 14. century built Livonian  Castle ruins with round corner tower which is two storeys height. Around the ruins there are an old park with many larches from Russia and white firs from Siberia.


Castle is located in centre of Ērģeme. Livonian Castle in history sources was mentioned in 1422, but it is possible that the castle was built in 1320 in order of Gerhards fon Jocke.


Castle was used as warehouse, as point of support and as a accommodation place. Castle perished in Big Northen war (1700-1721) after Omuļu or Humeļu battle in 1702 when the swedish soldiers blew up the castle. The legend says that the swedish soldiers has hidden an army box somewhere in the castle.


Location: Ērģeme.

GPS 57o48’46’’ 25o49’50’’
Location on the map: here


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